Locale Error - Need Help!

Having trouble updating a live skill and been trying for a month and some weeks now. When I try to submit my skill updates I get locale errors on both the upload screen and the submit changes screen.

I previously successfully submitted my skill to all 5 English speaking locales with no problem. Now Voiceflow is saying en-AU, en-CA, and en-IN are not supported, but when I remove them, my skill stops working properly on the Alexa console and fails certification.

I am completely lost. I have been trying to get help, but to no avail. Hoping someone can guide me or at least let me know of Voiceflow locale changes and I will provide the error photos.

When I remove the 3 other English speaking locales that are no longer accepted, my skill stops working on the Alexa console. It also just gives me a “something is wrong, try again later” message in the Alexa console and does not start at all during launch. I read in a previous post that when the skill does not launch with the invocation its because there is a locale issue.

Just want some help to update my best performing skill before I lose customers.

What did you updates? Did you add in-skill purchasing (ISP)?

If so, ISP currently does not support en-AU/en-CA/en-IN.

Sorry if my guess is wrong.

Hello Kun,

I just added another level to my game and I have it set up so that only locales that have en-US and en-GB can purchase the ISP I have in the skill.

My ISP only has united states and GB from the UK as places that can purchase. I don’t have IN, AU, or CA as places that can purchase my round two.

It seems like the issue is removing the other locales. When I remove them, my skill uploads to Alexa, but it does not work. When I add them to my skill, Voiceflow gives me the error message

Here is the problem, though I specified the two locales that can buy my product. Voiceflow updates my ISP to all others when I add them to locales before submitting them on the second page of submitting your skill for certification.

There is no way I can edit it either. I am assuming I will just not be able to have a skill with ISP available in India, Australia and Canada

@kun432 @Kurios - Gentlemen :slight_smile:

Did you ever resolve this? I"m getting this error (see snapshot below). Weird and baffling. By the way, here are my locale settings in my skill:

(1) Project Settings > Basic > Locales

(2) Launch > Locales

(3) Product > Availability

Update: @Nicolas provided a working solution via FB, which I copy here for posterity:

" Try to remove the locale(s)/regions not available for ISP (en-AU in your case), got to your product in your Voiceflow project, reset the locales for your product and add them back again. Upload to ADC to see if it works.

If the upload is successful, add the en-AU locale (non ISP) to your project and try to upload again.

This will be tricky if en-AU is already present in your live skill as you can’t remove any locale on a live skill (without the help of the Alexa team)."

FYI the exact steps I take to consistently get a successful upload for a skill with ISP in en locales:

Remove locales except US from VF Project Settings

Remove locales from VF Purchase block

Hit VF upload (“Error" message that your product needs locales)

Add back locales US, GB to VF Purchase block

Update VF Project Settings so it matches VF Purchase block

VF Upload (“successfully uploaded”)

Add remaining english locales AU, IN, CA - to VF Project Settings

VF Upload (“successfully uploaded”)