Looking for a mentor, teacher or resources to learn more voiceflow

Hey guys!!

Will some of you be able to become a mentor or a teacher? I am really motivated and committed to learn more and more about developing skills in voiceflow, but I am a beginner. I am really fast learner.

Do you know any online resource, other than the YouTube videos of voiceflow or fix it with nico? Is there any online courses?

i am willing to pay, if the teacher is worth it.

Thank you

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Hey JFT! There are some great self-service videos here: https://youtu.be/SQub8t86ZII

You can also check out the Voiceflow Best Practices guide here: https://design.voiceflow.com/#/

Hope this helps!

You can also put this under the Jobs category so that experienced Voiceflow Designers can see it and contact you for work :slight_smile:

Would love to help you learn Voiceflow. You can contact me at yosomapala@gmail.com if you are interested.

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Thanks for helping out, Senuka!

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