Make Alexa talk for longer

Hi there,

Could someone tell me of there is a way to enable Alexa to talk for longer without a response / or a way to fake a response?

The reason is I am trying to create a vocab revision skill that just uses a Google sheet to say a French phrase, and then the English translation.

I would like this to run continuously untill I say stop, but the problems I’m having is presumably due to the time/character limit.

I was thinking that maybe I could put a short audio clip in every so often to reset the allowance, or a choice block that loops back to the flow (with the vocab on) if theres no response. But I’m having various problems, so I thought I would ask the experts.

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Alexa has limits for characters in a single response and you cannot extend it.

As workarounds,

  • add user”s interaction periodically so that it resets limits each time. I think this is the best for now.
  • using audio file is nice, but there’s also limitations for short audio. up to 5 audio files and 240 secs totally in a single response.
  • another audio solution is using pre-recorded soeech audio file and using stream this way, there’s no limits above, but it will become audio player-like thing and once audio starts, alexa only gets pre-built-in trigger command as audio player.
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