Make an API call using {variables}

Hi there! !

I’m new to voiceflow, and got a question rearding the integrations block used to make API calls.

I’m currently using an API from RapidAPI website and everything works fine. I copy and past the URL and headers in the right place and get a response back based on the pre-imposted values from RapidAPI website. Fine untill now ! :slight_smile:

But let’s get to the next step.

My question is, how can I collect slots values from the user and then make and API call based on those slots instead of the values imposted in Rapid website?

I already tried to put the {variables} inside the URL, and when testing the request, a page pops up and ask for value of the variables.
How can I avoid this request and instead get a response back from the GET request already based on the values of the variables, which would be pre-collected before with a dialogue?

If you got experience with this in the past, please share :slight_smile:
Thanks for your help and happy developing!


sounds like you are testing in “test integration”, right?when you define variables in integration block, test integration always ask you values for variables. so it’s just a simple api test.

if you want to test based on user’s utterance, use voiceflow test, or upload to Alexa Developer console and use test simulator on it. you can test whole dialogue of your project on both. I recommend test on Alexa Developer console.