Manage user preferences, store and retrieve information from an Airtable database

I have not checked carefully, but seems just swapping user_id saved in the database previously and user_id in the current session.

“record_id” seems how many times a user use this skill. Actually, it is almost same as “sessions” variable, which is a built-in variable and keep the number of times user invokes this skill, but this is linked with user_id and if user_id has changed, sessions also goes to 0.

Thanks for your precious help kun!! :slight_smile:

Hi Nicolas,

Awesome tutorial! Hoever, I’m stuck on something (probably caused by the new interface of Voiceflow).

To use the filterByFormula parameter, Airtable needs the fieldname to be wrapped in curly brackets. But using curly brackets also causes Voiceflow to think I want to use a Voiceflow variable. So that causes the Formula to be invalid (according to Airtable).

In my screenshot you can see what I mean. “Product naam” is the name of the Airtable field, but Voiceflow thinks I’m referring to a Voiceflow variable.

Do you know how to get this formula to work? Is there a way to escape the curly brackets for example?


Actually, you don’t need curly brackets for airtable’s field name using filterByFormula. In my end, capture a recipe name from user and retrieve from airtable which has a field name “name”, and this works. like this:

name = "{recipe_name}"

but in your case, your field name has a space, so this does not work. I tried in a few ways to escape and have not succeed…

IMO, I recommend you should change a space to a underscore “_” in Airtable if possible.


or using camel-case.


Hi Kun,

Thanks for replying. I also tested it with one of my fields that has no space in the field name. But that also resulted in Airtable rejecting my formula.

Could you please post your whole query (at least the whole filterByFormula part), so I can copy it and test from there?


This is my query.

This is its result:

Also, this works in ADC as I expected.

also I tried with curl in 2 ways: use brackets and no-brackets.

seems airtable does not require brackets for field name if field name does not have any spaces. For field name with a space, brackets are required.

by the way, you need double quotes for voiceflow’s variable, I think.

Yes! Thanks @kun432, solved it!

The curly braces are indeed only required when the field name has spaces in it. And the problem with my query was that I needed to add double quotes around the field value.

It now works!