Microsoft Excel online

Hello, is it possible to add the feature for Microsoft Excel online? Similar like Google Sheets?
I work more with MS Excel than Google.
Or is there a way to do random answers without using Google Sheets?

you can request features via intercom icon, which is a blue icon at the right-bottom of Voiceflow screen,

I’ve never tried, but If you have knowledges and experiences of using API, you can use Custom API Integration of Integration block. Seems MS Excel Online API docs are here:

you can use Random block or Speak Block’s random option.

(documents are old…)

but both of cases, data is stored in your skill, that means Amazon’s certification will be required when you wanna update data.

At this time, I recommend try google sheets integration, which is easy and you can get data randomly without using any function on google sheets.

Yes of course there are some alternative ways to use Excel file even if you don’t have a proper MS Office license version. Check out those alternative ways to open your Excel documents apart from Google sheets.

Open Excel Files Without Excel