Migrating your Action from Dialogflow to Google Actions Console

Dialogflow to Google Actions Console Migration

What has changed?

Moving forward, all Google Actions projects on Voiceflow will be published to Google Actions Console, instead of Dialogflow. Since Google Actions Console will be the primary development environment supported by Google for Google Actions, we want to ensure our users are getting the best experience and tools for their Actions. That’s why we’ve upgraded our integration to support the Actions Console.

What action do you need to take?

  • If you have created a Google project, but haven’t published it yet, then this won’t affect you.

  • If you have published a Google project to Dialogflow, but don’t need to edit it through Voiceflow, then it will continue to be hosted on Dialogflow, and no action is required on your end.

  • If you have published a project to Dialogflow via Voiceflow, and you want to continue working on that project through Voiceflow, you’ll need to migrate it to Google Actions Console

Migrating your Action from Dialogflow to Google Actions Console

Here is a quick overview of the process to migrate your Action from Dialogflow to Google Actions Console:

Link to the video

  1. Open your project in Voiceflow

  2. Click the ‘Connect to Google’ button, Sign In to Google, select the account you want to link, then accept permissions

  3. You will be shown a list of available Google Actions Console projects to link your Voiceflow project to. You shouldn’t see your project here yet.

  4. Click the link to open https://console.actions.google.com/ where you’ll see a list of all your Dialogflow AND Actions Console projects. Select the Dialogflow project you wish to migrate.

  5. In that project, click the ‘Develop’ tab, and follow the Project Migration flow found in the header (this should appear on all Dialogflow projects)

  6. Once your project is migrated, copy the project ID from the URL

  7. In a separate tab, open

https://console.developers.google.com/apis/library/actions.googleapis.com?project=[your project ID]
to open the Google API page for this project.
Hit the ‘Enable’ button

  1. Now open your project again on Voiceflow, and press the ‘Upload to Google’ button, your project should appear in the list of available projects. Select the project and it will initiate the upload.

That’s it, you can now publish all-new project updates to your Google Action on the Console with the push of the Publish button in Voiceflow!

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