My both API are running in the beginning, However I want them to be run sequential order


Actually, I m using 2 API in my project First API(Post) for raising a request and based on that i got output in the next 15 second, however, my second (Get) API start looking for results in the very beginning of the flow results it capture the result of old run instead of the latest one generated by the first API.

Need some help to let that run in sequential order, So my 2 API(GET) will give the latest result instead of old result.

I have the same exact question. What is the best practice for sequentionally executing API and directives?

Unlike what you see on your screen, as you’re not doing any interaction with the user, all your blocks are part of the same request and will be executed at the same time.

If you want to split that you will have to also split the request you’re sending to Alexa by using a Prompt or a Choice block in between.

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Nicolas - Oh I thought I replied to this. This is a helpful tip. Thanks.