My first skill with VoiceFlow!

Hello guys !

Today , I publish my first skill on amazon .I hope to take a approval , because using of API for forward geolocation.
I ask to user where is ( street and civic number ) , but I provide command for reset this data and restart with new value. So I don’t know if data are real or not.


Hello @marco did you fill in your terms and privacy info’s in the skill publish settings? This is a certification need if you’re collecting user’s data.

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As @Nicolas said - you’ll need to ensure you have added all of the certification requirements :slight_smile:

Hi , the skill is KO from amazon , but the corrections are simple.

There are:

  1. The skill does not return a prompt which instructs users how to navigate the skill’s core functionality when users ask for “help” within the skill.

  2. All of the skill’s data within the sample utterances and slot values must be written in the correct language. Please make sure that all of the sample utterances and any slot values are written in the correct language for each supported language.

  3. The example phrases that you chose to present to users in the companion app currently use unsupported launch phrasing.

  4. Your sample utterances should be robust and cover as many different things that you think users will say as possible. Based on your current sample utterance profile, many utterances are not reaching your skill.

About 2. , the sample utterance is correct in my language , but i change as suggested :slight_smile:
Same for 3.

Positive thing is the time of response , about 6 days. Not too bad :smile:


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Not bad! This seems like a good start :slight_smile: - keep going!