Need help understanding where users pick up when they return to the skill

Hi there!
I am in testing for my first skill and I’ve run into a pretty silly issue that I’m struggling with. Whenever I use the stop command to exit my skill upon relaunch the skill says “ok, we’ll see you soon!” and then seemingly prompts the user.
I’ve been able to discover that it is indeed putting me back where I left off within the skill, but I don’t understand where it’s getting that text from or how to change it.
My dream would be to have it go back to the home section upon relaunch, where I could have an option to either pick up where you left off, or start a new game.
Has anyone had a similar issue, or could anyone point me in the right direction?

I’ve been experiencing this same “bug” for a while.

I wonder - does the VF team / @Nicolas have any update/insight on fixing this unexpected behavior?

FYI: You should be aware of a related global setting you can tweak: your VF canvas > Settings > Global Conversation Logic > Allow Users to Continue Previous Session or Allow Users to Repeat


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