Need some assistance for a rust library

hello everyone, I spent some time to add types for the API in the rust language. I think most of it is finished; at least the stuff I’m familiar with. I would like some help from people here to make sure it’s complete before I publish to crates.

  1. a sample project for integration testing. for now I’ve been using a small one I’ve hacked together. would be nice if someone could send me a project with every possible feature. try to break it. I’ll need the API key though.
  2. check for missing features. also take a look through the enums and see if I have anything missing. for example, not sure if I have a definitive list of Path enumerations or not.
  3. documentation. self explanatory. half of the stuff doesn’t have doc comments and for some of them I’m not sure what to write.

questions for those with api knowledge:

  1. in the state object, what goes inside the storage field?
  2. in the state object, what goes inside commands?
  3. in custom actions, what goes in paths?
  4. in the config object, what goes in excludeTypes?

I haven’t added the things above at all as I have no idea what they look like. also, if somebody would like to contribute, please do. I have no idea what I’m doing :slightly_smiling_face:


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