New Skill created post certification


I had a skill which is live, made changes to the skill and submitted for certification. But post certification we can see a new skill has been created and mapped to Voiceflow and any updates for the skill in voiceflow is updating the new skill and not the original skill dev version.

How to do we remap the voice flow skill to the original skill for proper updates.

Any help on this will be helpful.

Hi @Sentai,

it looks like your live skill is not linked to your Voiceflow project anymore. It happens when you duplicate the linked project as this generate a new skill id.

You can use the migration tool to relink your project to the dev version linked to your live skill.
Before doing it, be sure that your actual project as the exact same name, invocation and locale as your live skill or it will not work.
You also want to remove any duplicated skills on the Alexa Developer Console, keeping only the one that is Live (and its dev version).

To access the migration tool, while on your project in the Creator app, edit the URL to replace everything after the project id with /migrate

Your URL should look like this:

In the migration tool, select the vendor the live skill is linked to and paste your live skill id before clicking on the Update button.

When it’s done, do not forget to Upload your Voiceflow project to Alexa to push the changes.