New Way to Map slots to a {variable}?

Hi voice pioneers! :slight_smile:
Since the new version on VoiceFlow arrived, can’t solve a problem: how to map different slot values to a {variable}.

Now, Imagine the skill asks the user : “what is your favourite famous-person?’’
The user could say the name of a sports player, an actior, a comic ecc… Those are different slots, but I need to map them to the same {person}variable.
In this way, later the skill could say something like " I also like {person}”
So how do we map different slots to the same variable in the new version?? By the way, those are pre-imposted-amazon slots, not custom ones.
Thanks on advance for your wisdom :slight_smile:

just my idea, haven’t tried yet.

  • create each intent for sports player, actor, aritists, etc. each slot will be like {player}, {actor}, {artists}.
  • create variable named {person}. after choice block, set each slot to {person} with set block.

Thanks for the idea. I tryed it out but in the set block we can’t set {slots} to {variables}. We can only choose between variables, values, simbols and text… Any other ideas?? :slight_smile:

I tried too, and you are right.

how about using AMAZON.Person? In the official document, AMAZON.Person is “Full names of real and fictional people.” and seems it might capture any types of famous people’s name.

BTW, I tried again and we can set {variable} to {slots}. you know what I mean?

For example, if you wanna set 1 to {varA}, set block will be like this.

If you wanna set a variable in slot {artist} to other variables {person}, set block will be like this.