“No intent was matched for interaction block” when using choice block

I have an issue with a choice block when working with Voiceflow for Google Home IPA. There are 2 in total that almost do identical things, however, the second one doesn’t seem to work.

First block handles the answer of user on how long does he want to have breakfast. The user can answer “I’ll have breakfast for {breakfast_minutes} minutes”. The breakfast_minutes variable is a slot and is set to be an integer.

Then I have the same choice block, just for shower time, which does exactly the same, but uses “shower_minutes” slot variable. when doing the test, the system recognises the breakfast_minutes variable and acknowledges the answer (for example 10 minutes) but when it comes to the shower_minutes, it ends the test and debug shows the error “no intent was matched for the interaction block”

I am very confused on why does it say it. It uses the exact same logic and utterances like the first choice block uses but with different slot variables, but it doesn’t recognise that I say the utterance I defined. What could be the issue?

You have a duplicated slot here. Instead of using two slot of the same type, use the same slot in both of your choice blocks.

So instead of having {breakfast_minutes} and {shower_minutes} use only on {minutes} slot for example.

You can then map the {minutes} slot value to the breakfast_minutes and shower_minutes minutes variable after each corresponding Choice blocks.

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