No Intents are working during a stream block

My question is specifically about a meditation skill for Alexa. Once the mode and time decisions are made, the meditation starts with a stream block. As soon as the stream block starts, the intents in the project can no longer be called. For example, I created one for changing time or type of meditation. Then you can simply say “Alexa, change my meditation time”. However, Alexa then suddenly asks “For which device?”. I can easily access all my intents anywhere in the skill. However, as soon as the stream block starts, it no longer works. Only “help” or “stop” works, but nothing else. I also tried it with a command flow. But unfortunately also does not work.

that’s correct behaviour. Stream Step uses Alexa’s AudioPlayer interface. It’s like when audio stream starts, Echo devices’ bullt-in audio player will take controls from your skill and just accept only specific built-in intents suitable for audio controls such as Next/Previous/Pause etc.

If you want to call your custom intent during audio is playing, you have to say “Alexa, ask your_skill_name to sample_utterance_in_your_custom_intent

BTW, in that case, “Help” seems working but I think it’s not Help Intent in your custom skill, it’s Alexa’s standard Help intent which is not related to any skills. Also, when you say “Stop” during audio is playing, audio will stop, but in custom skill session, “stop” is stopping/cancelling your skill.

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Thank you @kun432 ! I already thought something like that. Alexa suggests things during the playback of the audio file that have nothing to do with the skill. Switching to the audio block is not possible because the audio files are much too long for that. That is a pity.