No more intercom on my account

It seems the intercom button is missing on my account. If I access with an alternate account it’s there. Same browser, just a few seconds apart. No way to contact anyone for problems with my projects. What’s wrong?

I also realized this, do not know, when get support or when not…

And no one is answering.

Hey I’m in the same situation. I’m having some rough technical issues including the intercom not showing up at all so I can’t get any help. Did you ever find a solution?

Hey Jaws, the Intercom should be working but feel free to reach out to with your issues in the meantime!

It is working now! Thanks

What I do is:

Click the “i” (left bottom corner) > Contact Us

You should see an intercom icon pop up in the right bottom corner of your web-based or desktop version of VF.