No numbers in utterances leads to AI not understanding me

Hey community,

I have an issue with numbers in utterances.

When I try to put in a “3rd” like in “the 3rd answer is correct”, the system tells me that numbers are not allowed in utterances, and that every number should be written as a word. So far so good.

When I test the app in prototype mode though, and use the space bar to communicate, the AI writes my replies with numbers (such as “the 3rd answer is correct”). Since I couldn’t use numbers in the utterances, the program tells me that my correct answer is wrong.

How do you solve this issue?

Thanks for any helpful feedback :slight_smile: Have a great day everyone!

For Alexa skills, you should always use test simulator on Alexa Developer Console, not VF prototype.

The reason is here.

Thank you, kun432! Just discovered that the ADC give pretty different results from the Voiceflow prototype system.