"no reply" on capture block not working on Alexa

Here is the situation:

A capture block captures the entirety of what a user says and stores it in a variable.

The capture block has three “no reply” phrases (added via clicking a button labeled “system”) The no reply phrases are to inform the user after 8 seconds that nothing has been captured.

It works perfectly fine while running tests on Voiceflow, but it doesn’t work on the actual Alexa device. Instead, it repeats the previous speech block (something said before the capture block).

Has this happened to anyone else? Is it a known issue? Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

Hi there, are you able to contact tahsim.ahmed@voiceflow.com and include your project file/.vf file and steps to reproduce?

This may be a bug on our end but will need your help to investigate!

Thank you Tahsim. I sent you an email with a project file attached.

To add additional information; when I checked the JSON output in the dev console I saw that the response and the reprompt are exactly the same.

	"response": {
			"outputSpeech": {
				"type": "SSML",
				"ssml": "<speak><voice name=\"Matthew\">Hello.</voice></speak>"


"reprompt": {
				"outputSpeech": {
					"type": "SSML",
					"ssml": "<speak><voice name=\"Matthew\">Hello.</voice></speak>"