Not updating in en-US

Hi, my skill isn’t updating in the locale en-US, but in all others it is. Do you know what might be wrong?


  • alexa or google?
  • published or development?

my skill isn’t updating in the locale en-US, but in all others it is

what does this means?

  • select multi locale in a single project, then only en-us is not working?
  • or you have some en-us locale projects and a specific project is not working?

Thanks for your reply!

Alexa in development.

I have a project with all the english locales, but when I update it, all the locales update except en-US.

so you checked by changing language settings of test simulator on ADC and only en-us responses with no change, right?

I’m not sure why and I have never experienced like that (because I have only one language to choice for Japanese). There are some posts related here in the past and also in facebook forums, too, but there’s no specific reason and solution. there might be a various reasons.

if your project has never been certified and been published to Alexa store (means you don’t have the live version for it), you can remove your skill from ADC and re-upload from Voiceflow again.
NOTE: DO NOT remove if you have live version. Also, DO NOT remove from Voiceflow. it will gone forever.

or you can ask VF via intercom.

Thanks! Do you know how can I remove it from ADC without removing it from voiceflow?

After uploading to Alexa, click on Amazon console link and go to ADC.


You will see Test simulator on ADC. Click on Your Skills link on the top.

There are all skills you created in the dashboard. Click on the drop down menu for a skill which you want to delete. you will see “delete”.

Thanks but it didn’t work. It’s the old version in the en-US.

I just got it to work. I changed the invocation name. Now all locales are updated. I don’t know why it worked.

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