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Has anyone found a way to interrogate the audio stream (icecast in my case) so that a user can ask ‘Alexa, what song is this?’

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You can use a call to an API for example (if Icecast has one) to get the information within your skill. Use a command / intent block to redirect to a flow where you make the API call to get the current song title and return it to the user.

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Can you please post an example or how to? I am trying to get now playing for my stream:

Hi @hippiesoulcafe! If you have only the stream link to deal with you can’t get a “now playing” function. You need to get the info from an API for example, so you can grab a JSON response with the actual song title / infos.


Could you help me configure my WOOF FM skill to have Alexa say the title and artist when asked?

The JSON for that station is:

Which has the “now playing” artist and title info. I’m just not sure how to get this in my skill - I saw some outdated video on YouTube (for your older story platform) but those didn’t help.

The skill I am wanting this for is “WOOF FM”

(under one of my free accounts" but I will be duplicating this withing my paid Pro Account.

Any code examples you can give me will help greatly - as most of my skill will be for radio stations that want similar skills.

Can you give me a tutorial On how my flow should look to get the now song playing from this json?