One of my speak Blocks isnt playing

In my live skill “Black Music Trivia” - the BLOCK “That song is” does not play. Everything else does.

can you show us some screen shots of your flow?

Sure - here is the screen shot. It works fine in “test mode” but the live version skips the “the song is” block everytime.

Thank you.

  • audio is played.
  • user says “Next”
  • “The song is” part is spoken by Alexa
  • audio is played again.

is the flow what you expect, right?

As I see your flow, looks no problem. how your live skill works now?I mean what happens after audio is played first and user says “next”. Just audio is played 2 times consecutively without any Alexa’s speech between those?

First, Thanks so much for the reply. Now to my issue - you are correct, the flow should go as you have listed, and it DOES work within my Voiceflow dashboard… but the live skill on my Alexa device - never plays the "that song is… spoken by Alexa part… it just skips to the step after that (which is to play the next audio). FYI: I’m using google spreadsheet to feed the audio clips, if that helps – but the issuse I have it with the Alexa spoken block that pulls the artist and title from google spreadsheet.