Optimize interface for speed

What steps can I take myself to optimize for GUI speed (i.e. Voiceflow’s drag and drop interface via browsers)? It alway slows down for me, as I use it. My only workaround is to jump between Chrome, Firefox and Safari - constantly. Any best practices?


Hey @tezza ! Great question. I’d recommend doing a hard refresh (refreshing browser) every 25 mins or so if you have a large intensive project with lots of flows/steps. This will clear the cache.

We have plans to do another round of big optimizations for the canvas speed in the coming months. Stay tuned!


@Braden thanks for the reply. Re refresh page, clear cache: got it, and looking forward to future updates on this.

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A good practice is also to use flows when you can, limiting the main flow to a few blocks so it will load faster and take less memory.

If your project has 150 blocks in the main flow, the tool will load all those blocks at once, if the 150 blocks are in multiple flows and you’re working on a specific flow, only the blocks present in that flow will be loaded.

Last thing, try not to open too much tabs as it’s also a way to fill your memory quite quickly.


Thanks for this tip. However, is there a scenario where moving large portions of your model into flows would make the main flow SLOWER? This seems to be happening to me, and I’m contemplating moving it all back onto the main flow. I wish I understood the trade offs of using flows vs voicefow load performance better.

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Hi Nicolas,
I wish to clean up my main flow to speed things up.
Q. Can I drag blocks into a flow or what’s the quickest way to do it?

D - Jumping in here, since this came on radar… I delete, copy and/or paste multiple blocks as well their connections, using simple keyboard commands, like Command C and Command V (for mac) and delete, or Ctrl C and Ctrl V (for windows, if I recall) and delete. Is that what you mean? Cheers, Terry