Parsing newlines in JSON responses of the API Block

Hi All,

I am working on integrating Integromat scenarios into Voiceflow and I’ve hit a roadblock, where I am unable to properly parse the newlines from the JSON responses.

Here are the screenshots for the same:

I Post a string, which is then searched on twitter via Integromat and the scenario responds with 10 tweets containing that string. The screenshot above are responses for one tweet.

Raw Response received by Voiceflow

  "text": "RT @Mbobz17: #SelamatLebaranNakes dan para perawat di tengah pandemi Covid- 19.\n\nSehat dan panjang umur kita semua. \n\nBarakallahu fikkum 😊🙏…",
  "created_at": "2020-05-25T05:16:56.000Z"

As you can see from the above screenshots and the Raw response. The newline character i.e. \n, is passed to Voiceflow, but it isn’t parsing the characters in the formatted response.

Do let me know how to go about solving this.