Pause tunein stream for x minutes


I want to build a skill which pauses the current stream (e.G. tunein) for x number of minutes, thereafter it should continous automatically. This could be an easy method to avoid annoying commercials.

Do you know if this could be realized?


Bernhard - Hello, I don’t see a way to do what you want, i.e. silence a portion of a URL stream for a specific amount of time upon the user invoking an intent.

When a user enters an audio stream via the “Stream” block, the user leaves your skill and enters the Audio Player component. In this environment, your user can only use built-in commands, e.g. Previous, Next, Pause, Resume, etc., commands you can tweak and customize, but not to the level you describe. Think of Spotify or Amazon Music when imagining how the audio player can works, and/or check this out: