Payment Block Fail

Hi, I’m following the tutorial for in skill purchases on YT:

But when I go to test the skill the Alexa Developer Console, the Payment block always fails, rather than purchasing the product.

Why is this? I’ve set up my payment settings, so I’m not sure what the issue is… any ideas?

It’s really old tutorial and I’m not sure if it still works in that way now.

anyway, just my guess.

  • open your alexa app and check if voice shopping is enabled and make sure 1-click payment setting has already done.

Thanks so much for your reply! I looked at my settings, and 1-click payment is enabled… any other ideas?

Figured it out! Even after you create the product in Vocieflow, you have to go into the Alexa Developer Console and link the product to the skill.

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I had experienced the same before, but I messed that :sweat_smile:

one thing to say, normally, it should be linked automatically.

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