Payment block session staying open

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When I use the payment block, after testing it on Alexa it says “Great you’re all signed up” and then the session remains opening, instead of going to the next block. Anyone else having this problem?

Also, it will say “good news you already own that” and just stay open if I already have the ISP.

did you tested on ADC or echo devices which is linked to your develope account?

Echo device. When I submitted the skill for certification amazon gave me this as a bug to fx

I’m not sure about messages in English locale, but is “Great you’re all signed up” spoken by Alexa’s in-skill purchace process, right? I mean you’ve completed through ISP purchasing process and then session is opened.

If so, I don’t know why. In my end, purchase block seems work (as Japanese locale). maybe you should contact via Intercom.

@annasxu You need to link your payment block to a speak block (to add a prompt). Here you payment block is linked to a choice block without any prompt so Alexa is waiting for user’s answer but did prompt for any.
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