Performance - google sheets

I’d like to know if google sheets has performance limitations: is it ok for any skill, regardless of user number? I mean, could google sheets become a bottleneck increasing endpoint latency, or could google lock the access if there are too many? Could be helpful using more than one sheet for a single skill?

Thank you!

Yes it can become a bottleneck - and any database can

I am not sure but

  • It depends on how many columns and rows, what size of data in the cell. But if there are too many data on your sheet, skill will fail. IMO, if you have hundreds of rows on the sheet, you should go with other alternatives.
  • Google sheets has rate limitting. But Google has several API for google sheets, so this might not be.

If you care about these things, you should use other alternatives such as Airtable or Firebase(both has some kind of free tier but basically not free). There are some tutorials for those in this forum.

Also, as RobM said, there are no database without bottleneck and it depends on how you use. I recommend you start easy and small with google sheets, then go with alternatives if really needed.

Ok, thank you all for the information! I will take a look to the alternatives if needed :+1:

So using google sheets with the integration module there are the API limitations you linked? Or should I use the “API” module to get that limitations? Sorry for this confusion I have…

My doubt on performance is not about data limitations (I don’t have too many rows) but it is about read/write requests. I didn’t find information about this limit by using google sheets module integration: this is the info I’d like to have.

Thank you so much

I think Google sheets integration use some kind of APIs inside the block to access to sheets, so these rate limitations MAY affect both Google Sheets Block and API Block.

I’m not sure if voiceflow uses this API or not. So this is just my guess.

Ok, thank you, I hope somebody from voiceflow will tell us more about limits.

Hi @andreafno, so about:

“Google Sheets API has a limit of 500 requests per 100 seconds per project, and 100 requests per 100 seconds per user. Limits for reads and writes are tracked separately. There is no daily usage limit.”

Those limitations are on the API (and we are using this API in the Google Sheet Integration block).

So it all depends on the use you will make (grabbing content VS real-time analytics) and/or how many users will use the voice application.

Thank you Nicolas for the confirmation!