Permission block and Reminder issue

Hi dears,

i am new to the forum, nice to join you.

I have issue with the permission and reminder block. I followed the offical voiceflow video tutorial to implement user permission but i am encountering issues.

This is my schema:

I need permission to reminder, i added it to the user info and also in the permission block.

If i test it on VoiceFlow web console, it fail. If i try it on my mobile phone in the alexa app it is the same ( also if i granted the requested permission ).

Someone can help me to understand if this is a bug or i am doing something wrong?

Thank you in advance,


First, reminder cannot be tested in Voiceflow test because that feature can be accessible from Echo device only(I don’t remember if possible by Alexa Developer Console and akexa app on your phone…)

one thing I recommend you is, for debugging purpose, you should separate fail flow when userinfo block fails and when reminder block fails. In your current flow, both blocks goes to same flow and you cannot find which block fails.

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Hi Kun,

thanks to your reply, i separated the two speak block and i can see that it fails on the user info block.

Do you have any tips for me? Is it correct the way i connect the other blocks? i am testing it on my mobile phone in the alexa app.

Thank you in advace.


your flow is correct. it happened to me once and but now it works, although I don’t know why.

can you toggle your permission settings on alexa app and check again?

Hi Mike, I am running into something similar myself. I know the support guys are checking on it. If I hear anything back, I will post it here as well.