Playback controls in Portuguese (BR) does not working for me

My skill submission has failed the certification process.

Issues with skill in Portuguese (Brazil)

An unexpected response occurred when invoking the one or more of the intent(s). When audio playback is played, the skill must support and gracefully handle requests to the Amazon built-in intents.

Issue: AMAZON.NextIntent

Steps To Reproduce:
User: “Alexa abrir histórias bíblicas para crianças”
Skill: “Olá? Diga: Menorpara ouvir histórias bíblicas para crianças menores de 5 anos.Diga: Maiorpara ouvir histórias bíblicas para crianças com 5 anos ou maiores.”
User: “Menor”
Skill starts to reproduce the audio.
Skill: “Alexa próximo”
The skill stops the audio instead of reproducing a next audio or gracefully handling the requests.

Controls in English: Pause, Resume, Next and Previous working very well but does not working in Portuguese for example: Próximo or Anterior.
Please, need your help!

not sure about Portuguese, but did you tested on Echo devices?

streaming block, which is called ‘Audio Player’ in Alexa’s term, can be tested only on real Echo device. Audio Player is very Echo-device-specific feature and you cannot test on Voiceflow and even on Alexa Developer Console even if it looks working on them.

Thank you kun432. I think so that the amazon testers played on Echo devices because the issue was open for them. I use to: Next or Pause or Previous or Resume and it’s working perfectly but the amazon testers sad to me: Replace this terms in Portuguese…
But they saw and sad to me that this was not working.
I don’t see problems in use this terms in English. Here in Brazil, we prefer this terms in English. I 'd like that my skill was/be accept :frowning: