Playing Videos for Alexa/Google Home

Is there a way to play videos for the specific Alexas/Google Homes that have screens.

Hi Alex, yes this is possible with Voiceflow. I’ve attached some documentation that goes into detail about APLs and displays.

Feel free to ping us on Intercom (blue button at the bottom right of the Voiceflow screen) if you have any questions!

Hi! I’ve been trying to do the same thing. I’ve used APL to create a display template that has a video component, and I’ve been able to get it playing using the ‘autoplay’ attribute on the video component.

The challenge I have now is that I can’t control the video. Without exiting the skill, there appears to be no built-in support for stopping, scrubbing or skipping (like there is for the stream block).

Can anyone suggest how I might go about adding video control functionality to my APL display template? Ideally, via touch controls on screen and via voice commands.


This link is no longer available and there is nothing in the new docs for this? can you please provide updated content?

have not tried by myself, but this might be help for you.