Possible to import multiple lines of text as data?

Hello Forum,

I’m very new to voiceflow and I only have familiarity with no-code.

I’ve come to the point of understanding intents and hooked up a few variables to write to a google sheet as the user types in 1 line at a time in the chat.

My question is: Is it possible to do this for multiple lines of text?

so if I enter:

5 black t-shirts
2 black Trousers
4 white shirts

the workflow writes 3 separate lines to the google sheet:

5 | t-shirts | black
2 | Trousers | black
4 | Shirts | White

I hope someone can help. Thank you! :pray:


Hi @tahsim , if you are available for this maybe you are the person to ask?

For this you may want to use Entities, as well.

With your example, I see three entities

  • {number_Tshirts}
  • {type_Clothing}
  • {colour}

If you want to learn all about conversation logic and design, we’ve just updated our docs on this topic:

Hi @tahsim , Thanks for getting back to me!

I am currently using entities and the spreadsheet is being updated as expected, however, is there a way to enter multiple lines at a time or do I have to enter line by line?

Thanks again!