Problem with certification

Hello, I have some problems with certification. I got this feedback:

  1. The example phrases that you choose to present to users in the Alexa app must be selected from your sample utterances. For example: "Alexa, ask {your invocation name} to {sample utterance present in your intent}."Please see our documentation for more information on ensuring your sample utterances support invocation phrases. Please also see our blogpost for more guidance on creating example phrases.
  2. The example phrases that you chose to present to users in the companion app currently use unsupported launch phrasing. Please refer to here. Please note that you will be directed to a login page before submitting your feedback. Providing your skill’s name and application ID will assist us in helping you as quickly as possible.

Our Skill provides facts for 4 categories from which you can choose. For these categories I’ve also set an intent so that you can say Alexa, ask #### for ****. We have the Name in the description same as the invocation name.
I have no idea what else I have to change - thanks for your help

not sure about in detail, but you should check if all sample phrases must work. also you can ask alexa team on alexa developer console, there’s a link for it on the top right menu on ADC.

ok, thank you very much

I found the solution:
The skill is in German but the whole process is in englisch - so I thought the invocation will be also translated - but the solution was to translate the invocation to German myself