Problem with curly braces in query parameters (API block)


I have a problem with getting data from Airtable, because Airtable expects curly braces around field names and curly braces are also used by Voiceflow for variables.

When making an API call to Airtable and I use curly braces in the query parameter field, Voiceflow “thinks” I want to use a Voiceflow variable (which doesn’t exist) and doesn’t send the exact value of the field to Airtable. Which, in turn, makes Airtable reject my request.

In my screenshot you can see what I mean. “Product naam” is the name of the Airtable field, but Voiceflow thinks I’m referring to a Voiceflow variable.

I tried to escape the curly braces within Voiceflow in any way I can think of, but it just won’t work. Voiceflow’s interface is ruthless in trying to recognise it as a variable :slight_smile:

Is there any solution to solve this?

Are you sure that Airtable expects curly braces?

I believe it does, because omitting the curly braces also gives back an error

I posted here.

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Solved, thanks for the replies.

Mentioned the solution here: Manage user preferences, store and retrieve information from an Airtable database