Problem with Google Sheets Row Number

I’m having a problem with my Google Sheets integration. Instead of using a row number as a reference when updating Google Sheets, I want to set a variable for the row number lookup in order to update an specific existing row in GS. However, the variable I’m using, which is the street address “123 Teal Hollow”, updates row 132 instead of the corresponding “132 Teal Hollow” value in the column. It seems the text is being ignored and only 132 is referenced. Any help would be greatly appreciated! :pray:

I would guess that you are using the google sheets block and selected “row number” under the with settings tab. You want to tell google sheets to look up a different column (probably something like addresses).

Here, I save a variable named key_value and look it up in my column on google sheets called “faq_lookup.” You will want to change the column that you’re using in the “with settings” tab.

Hope that helps/is correct!

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In other words, you need to tell it to look in whatever column you have your addresses saved instead of a row number. In settings tab you can tell it the correct column with list of addresses you want to match to the variable.

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