Program Not Pulling Data

Hello everyone I have tried my best to find tutorials and frankly try to fix this on my own. I am at wits end and do not know what else the issue may be with my program it says that it can not access the data right now. Is there anyway I can upload a copy of the program I am using and someone give me some other pointers? I have had a lot of help from the community bot and the other admins however they have helped as much as they could for my issue.

could you tell us more in detail, like screen shots or something?

Yes thank you for the response. Here are some screen shots of the program. So i need it to pull the item number that i type in then read the rest of the description to me as well as the price as far as quantity and dimensions I do not care for all i need is for it to read back the part number to confirm, the price, and description. Please help!!!

Thanks for your info.

“Sorry I didn’t get…” message is Sorry block, right? If so, Interaction seems not work, that means your flow has not reached integration block. check your interaction model such as slot type and utterances.

also, I recommend:

  • you should test on Alexa Developer Console, not on Voiceflow. Voiceflow test is instant and simple, but recognize user’s utterance in somehow different way and not implement all alexa features.
  • also you should use mic on test. alexa often recognized differently from what you expect.

I think your itemnumber looks like the combination of alphanumeric characters. currently alexa does not have a suitable slot type for it. maybe you should use custom slot with some examples but I think alexa might recognize mistakenly. (this type of things is really hard for alexa to understand, currently, IMO)

Curious question - How are you “typing in” Item number?. In the test mode typing is possible, but when you launch the skill only voice input is possible.