Project in portuguese and start with english

Hi there! I am trying to upload my project in Alexa console and my start block is in english, and the language that I create for is in portuguese… how can I chage it to up load for Alexa console in portuguese?!

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my start block is in english

you mean this?

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if you set Portuguese for your locale in Voiceflow, you can invoke your skill in portuguese in ADC.

seems Start block always show “open …” even we choose other locale, so you don’t need to care.

Hi, @kun432, thanks for your answer. But actually my problem is when I up load my project in Alexa console. Amazon won´t publish my project because of the iniciation in Alexa is in english and It´s suppose to be in portuguese!
Actual: Alexa, open Revelação do dia
Expected: Alexa, abrir Revelação do dia

Actual: Alexa, start Revelação do dia
Expected: Alexa iniciar Revelação do dia

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so you mean you cannot invoke your skill in portuguese, but only English, right?

check your locale settings of your project. click Launch tab and see locales. you should choose “portuguese (BR)” only. you should not choose multiple languages.

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one thing I missed. when “Publish”, you must change skill invocations examples. click on Launch tab and change Invocations.


@kun432 Thanks for our attention, today, I tried all the your resolutions, I still don´t received the certification, but hoping that it will work out! Thanks again for your attention!

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I have exactly the same problem. I just can start the skill in english “Alexa, open…”, but i wan’t to do this in german.

Did u find a solution yet? Greetings to Brasil! My wife is brazilian.

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Hi there, I found, I had to acess as profissional user, Say Hi to your wife!!!