Prototype integration API Excel: ERROR 400

Hello everyone! I’m trying to test my prototype integration with Excel when an error occurs (error 400), he says: “Request failed with status code 400”. I insert and set variables and parametres, but he always gives me the error and I don’t know why.

What I should do to make it work? How can I solve this issue?

I am having the same issue.
It already worked when I tested it some days ago, but now I am getting this error.

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Hi! Did you solve this already? I am having the same issue trying to integrate a google sheet. I get “Request failed with status code 400” or status code 500 at different integration blocks… I used to be able to integrate sheets just fine but it stopped working for me. I tried blocking access to my google account and then permitting it again, which did not help…

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Hi Anna! Error 500 is a problem with the account, but if try and still doesn’t work, wait a while… or try the key combination command reset.
For the other error that occurs also to you, personally, I’ve resolved it. I don’t remember accurately, but after a little while it starts working. I don’t know why and what I’ve done, maybe nothing at all. I advice you to log out and then reset the site and log in again. Keep trying and never give up, when you least expect it, it will work! :slight_smile:

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Hi Kronk! In my opinion is a common error, but it will solve in its own. I don’t know which advice give you, except keep trying or log out for a while and then log in again. I don’t know because in my case starts working without doing nothing special. I only log out few times and then it starts responding my commands. Hope it will start working soon! :slight_smile:

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Thanks very much, Eleonora :)! I’ll try out your tips and keep testing other stuff out for the 400!

Thanks Eleonora,

it actually worked again at some point. Now the same issue. But hopefully it will fix itself again after some time :slight_smile:

Hi eleonora, its been a week and I am unable to resolve this issue. is there anything we can do to resolve the issue?