Prototyping support for IVR unavailable

I’m trying to create an IVR prototype as in this vídeo Design and prototype IVR systems using Voiceflow - YouTube. However, when I open the link on a mobile phone I am told that testing on mobile is not supported yet.

Did I do something wrong or is this tutorial not “appliable” any more, for now?

Thank you!

We don’t support usage of the Voiceflow Creator tool on mobile, just yet! Stay tuned.

Thank you for your response. Could you please confirm that this means that the use shown in the image taken from the video is not possible (I don’t exactly know if what is shown in the video is the Voiceflow Creator Tool or something else). In case it is possible could you tell me how

Thank you very much

That screenshot is something you can leverage using Dialog Manager API, this is for taking your built conversations from Voiceflow to production and deployment environments such as your website or mobile app, that is also different from your original post!

More info found here:

Thank-you Tahsim for your response. I am sorry, I’m just new to Voiceflow. I really appreciate your support. Indeed I am just prototyping. The screenshot of my last message is taken form the video I linked in the first one ( Design and prototype IVR systems using Voiceflow - YouTube). This video made me think I could share a prototype and open it on a mobile phone which would be really, really, great.
I hope this feature will come soon!

Thank you