Pulling Data Based on other points of data a Google Spreadsheet


I have watched all of the tutorials and I am able to pull in a data however I still a little confused on pulling in specific data based on data that I capture. I am trying to do this with google sheets. for example:

I have a group of objects that have attributes I am capturing answers that match the attributes. At the end I would like for the app, to recommend the best object based on the four questions. Currently it is spitting out an object that seems to be random, or at the very least only based on one piece of data. any help would be very much appreciated.

You mean something like Akinator?

so many ways to do this, this is just my idea.

  • column A is an attribute, column B is array of objects which matchs attribute in A.
  • user say first attribute, retrieve objects array by that attribute from google sheets.
  • use say next attribute, same again above.
  • compare two arrays and gets intersection like filtering.
  • loop

I’ve never tried but this need to use code block.

there might be more elegant ways to do this, I guess. wanna hear about more ideas :smile:

Thanks for this! yeah Akinator is the same general idea. Just different data set.

Hi, in your solution - anyway to do that without coding?