Put speech before calculations?

I am making a chatbot that must do calculations before making another statement. However, it takes so long that when I use it on an actual Alexa, the Alexa deactivates. I tried putting speech intermittently inside the math, but it waits until the calculations are done and then says everything at once. Even the speech before the calculations is said after the math has finished (in the Voiceflow editor - Alexa times out). Any ideas?

how do you calculate? in code block?

Yes. Now, I have put a choice block in with the speech blocks. It works this way, but I would much rather just have Alexa speak than force the user to say something.

I just realized that what is taking so long is about 50 values from about 50 rows and parsing int. Is there a way to read the values as int instead to save time parsing int?

oh, seems works sequentially…

Actually, Alexa has progressive response, but voiceflow does not support yet.

One thing I can say, I think Integration block works asynchronously. That means if your calculation will be done in other places such as API servers, it might works.