Q&A client asks Q. API/VF searches GSheets and replies with answer

I am certainly very new to voiceflow, alexa blueprints, and Dialogflow. It seems that DF has an “intelligent” manner where it will return results with key terms from the question. I’ve tried blueprints > Q&A but I haven’t found a way to integrate Gsheets with it. Hence, Storyline/voiceflow where it looks like I could add the Gsheets into the equation, even though I read somewhere that they were not supporting JSON or some other integration. I really hope that’s not true. Blueprints has a friendly add skills GUI but I would rather Not create a Macro to feed the manual Skills into the system.

Voiceflow seems like my best to have this accomplished but I am unaware of its limits and not sure if the system can take a spoken command > search gsheets > return answer from next column in gsheets? Its seems simple enough but I’m not able to figure this out. If someone could show me an example that could get me in the right direction that would great. I realize that the template link on VF’s homepage is not active. But, I would hope someone could create such a template.