Question on Stream Block/Audio

hey, in looking at docs for VF, i am seeing mention of an Audio Block to play Audio Tracks and keep the user within the skill vs. the Stream Block which passes the user back out to Alexa yet i see nothing in the builder that denotes ‘Audio Block’… can anyone please help me understand this better?


Audio Block has been integrated with Speak Block. You can use it with “Add Audio”.

ok, awesome that that works for audio +3mins (long form?). do you know if there are any audio condition the file format must meet in bitrate and bitdepth?

thanks you are a wonderful help, appreciate it!!! :slight_smile:

For audio in Speak Block. Actually Voiceflow will convert as this format. (not everything)

For Stream Block.

always enjoy posting and your input…

in looking at using the ‘audio’ block is this (from your link) correct? “For your speech response, the audio file cannot be longer than 240 seconds.” — does this mean the audio that may play lets say it is a full music track of 4min 10secs. would not in this case work because it is above the 240 secs?

that is what i am trying to figure out if there is a limit to an ‘audio block’ vs. what appears to be no limit on streaming.

sorry to be such a pest about this but good audio can make or break a skill imho.


Alexa should response as errors.

Streaming Block, which is called Audio Player in Alexa’s term, has no limit of length, but completely different from Audio in Speak Block as Voiceflow’s doc said.

it’s a little old but nice article here (it said 90 secs as maximum for SSML audio, which means Audio in Speak Block in Voiceflow, but now it has extended 240 secs)

See Audio Player’s Con No.1 & 3. IMO, Audio Player is not so simple and easy from the perspective of user’s experience and conversation…

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