Read out the Numerical or Name for a variable

Lets say we create a variable and ask the user to say a badge id like user_id= B452232 , and create a speak block to read it out. it does not do the job properly.

I tried with Amazon number, it takes the number correctly but does not speak it out in numbers but as “45thousand 2hundred and 32”
Is there a way to make it read out the way as the user exactly speak in to it.

Also if we create a name variable, it can not detect the names like Edwin, Neeta, Venu, Deepa…etc.
Is there a way to make the variable speak out exactly the way the user says it

Hi Cheeman, welcome to the forum. You can control how Alexa recites numbers using the SSML say-as tag. Below is a link to the Amazon reference document. There are parameters for reading numbers as cardinal, ordinal or as digits.

In your case, it sounds like you need the digits read individually. Try something like this:

If the value is being read in, calculated or retrieved via an API, you can store it in a variable (ex. {idNo}), and then use that inside the SSML tag:

As for the name variable, can you provide more information about how you are currently trying to create and capture it?

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