Reading numbers in a table via Airtable

Does anyone have a solution for reading numbers via Voiceflow from a table/spreadsheet sitting on Airtable?
Seem like if the user wanted to find something from 1999 would have to say “one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine” or “1, 9, 9, 9” which is really weird and a very bad experience.

Any suggestions?

Otherwise I would have to put my 140 items in a Choice block with each choice block linking to another “statically defined” block with 140 separate choice results…and that’s just crazy! :slight_smile:

(Context: I asking the user to say a “year” then I want to pull some data for Alexa to read back based on that year)



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Which slot type do you use in Capture Block? Do you use Amazon.Number?

How about try Amazon.Date?

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I’m using “number” in the Capture block.
I was assuming that Voiceflow was using that Amazon slot type as well, but it doesn’t/didn’t work.

I will look into the Amazon link you mentioned.

I have 140 dates ranging from 1861 - 2018 in my spreadsheet.
So I need the user to say the numbers or words “eighteen sixty one” in order to pull that data from that row in my spreadsheet/table.


You might try using list slot type AMAZON.FOUR_DIGIT_NUMBER. Normally I would try a test before suggesting this to you, but Voiceflow is down for me at the moment. Hopefully, when you test, a user can then say “nineteen eighty four” and will be captured as 1984, which you can capture via a variable and use it in your API call.

Also, it looks like you are using a GET from an Airtable. You might want to use a filter-by-formula approach, if the year can be used as a key for one of the fields in your table. Here is a tutorial that illustrates this approach.