Rendering Error while uploading to Google

I couldn’t upload my project to Google, it says “Rendering Error”. I even checked my network speed and connectivity, it’s all good! Kindly help me resolve this issue

I am having the same problem. It is my first time connecting Voiceflow to Google Actions Console and after uploading the JSON file I see the same Rendering Error @ajayb describes. Anyone know a workaround?

Hey @haleymitt, I’ve figured out what the problem is! Voiceflow is migrating all its Google Projects to a seperate console called “Voiceflow Dev”, try working in this link “” . I’m not sure if you can import your previous projects but it’s working for me now.

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thanks so much! I’ll try it.

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Cool :smile:, do lemme know if it’s working for ya’ !

That did work. Thank you so much! I appreciate it very much.

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