Request variable from Google Sheet

I am struggling to capture a voice input as a variable, and return data from a Google Sheet based on that variable. I have Google Sheets connected, and have confirmed that I can pull data from the Sheet, but only when the variable is hard coded.

Here is an example of what I am trying to accomplish.

“Alexa, lunch my skill.”
“How much does PRODUCT X weigh?”
PRODUCT X is the variable, but for some reason Voice Flow is not capturing that variable. When I hard code PRODUCT X, the weight is pulled from Google Sheets, and is read to the user.

Any suggestions on creating and passing variables to Google Sheets?


The piece of functionality that I needed is the Capture block. I’ve tested this in the Amazon Developer Portal, and it seems to be retrieving my data and working fine. I still need to verify this works on an actual Alexa device.

Any chance you can share your solution - I’m really stuck getting anything from a sheet- I can connect but failing to get the mapping working - possibly just getting the format wrong …