Requested Design Interface improvements

Here are a couple of suggestions for ways to improve the designer.

Clearer way of displaying a URL
Buttons are useful for designing quick replies, but they’re not an ideal way to display a URL. It appears as a quick reply button in the Designer view and when running a Test.

Bot mock used to display a link like this ↓

A Note Component
When handing over a design to developers, there’s commonly some additional details that are helpful for them to know. Rather than leave a comment (that can be harder to find and is better reserved for discussion amongst designers), it would be handy to have a blank ‘note’ component that can be attached to bubbles in the Designer tool but that don’t show up in a test run.

Line differentiation setting
It would be handy to have a setting at a Project level that would enable the lines to be more easily differentiated in the design tool.

Currently, when several bubbles converge to one bubble in the next step, the lines appear to become one (slightly bolder), line. It would be great if there was a setting that could be enabled that would slightly separate the lines and/or mix up the colours automatically for easy identification. (I’m aware that you can manually select the line colours - I’m more talking about automatically)

Ability to jump between projects

Separating out flows into projects is a handy way of tracking what is live and what is in development/testing. It would be great if I could jump to a flow that’s within another project. (Although a Note component would allow for this to be easily explained).

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Thanks so much for the feedback. I’ll take this away and hopefully we can provide some solutions in app shortly!