Retrieve all data from a Google Sheet

Hi, I’m looking at building a quiz app that pulls in questions from Google Sheets. However, I noticed the Google Sheets API enforces a rate limit of 100 reads per 100 seconds [Usage Limits  |  Sheets API  |  Google Developers. I’m wary that this may cause potential issues further down the line. To circumvent this, I was thinking of pulling in all the questions and caching them in a persistent variable if the cache is older than x minutes. However, it doesn’t look like it’s possible to pull all data out of a google sheet using the Voiceflow integration does it? It seems to only pull out a single row. Is there a way to pull out all the data?


publish your sheet to the web, then you can get whole data from the sheet using custom API block.

also, you need to parse via code block.

Great! Thank you so much!