Same utterance in multiple intents


I created a complex flow with multiple intents. I have a general Yes intent with “Yes”, “Yes please”, etc… and same for “No” and I am using them in many places during the conversation.
For one question I want an extented YES. Let me explain:

During the conversion I am asking the user if he want to transfer money to his card. He can say “Yes” or he can say “Yes I want to transfer {amount} euros” then I am checking if the amount has been passed by the user and then I am not asking the amount again.

For this special YES, I’ve put several utterances such as “Yes I want to transfer {amount}” or “Yes please, put {amount} in my card”, but I also want to let the user to say a simple Yes. Unfortunately, I am getting an error saying “You already have this utterance defined in the “Yes” intent.”

How can I re-use the same utterance in multiple intents ?

Hope I have been clear with my explanations. (I am not a native english speaker :))


Johnny -

depends on platform.

For alexa, you can extend sample utterances of built-in intents such as YesIntent, NoIntent.
but built-in intents cannot have slot in sample utterances.

Note: The standard built-in intents can’t include any slots. If you need slots, you create a custom intent and write your own sample utterances.

Implement the Built-in Intents | Alexa Skills Kit

This flow is for google assistant. Built-in intents exists but I am not seeing how to use them in the canvas…


Looks like I will have to manually update the app with action on google in order to set:

Intent number 1 (where the amount is optional at this stage of the conversation):

  • Yes please put 132 euros in my card.
  • Yes I want to transfer 132 euros.
  • Yes
  • Yes please

Intent number 2 (general intent for yes/no):

  • Yes
  • Yes please

It’s boring because by making the change manually in action on google, I won’t be able anymore, to update the flow in voiceflow.

Hi @Jbx028, following the Twitter convo here.

Here is a quick video to explain how to handle that in your project:

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That makes perfect sense! I’m not sure why I didn’t have the reflex to do it this way. I used to design my apps using dialogflow or action on Google, which means I’m still learning voiceflow which is a lot more easy and convenience but in some areas I am not yet there :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot for your help.