Saving data in progress doesn’t work

Good morning, voiceflow does not accept the changes in the blocks and during the test it stops at a specific point (before a choice). It is as you know from that point the test did not see the changes made on the canvas.

I tried to clear cookies, change browsers and obviously check the connections between the blocks but I don’t know how to get out of them. Do you have any ideas? Thanks in advance.

seems you have 2 problems. divinding each so that things will make clear.

could you tell us more in detail about voiceflow not accept change.

For testing, did you test on voiceflow or Alexa Developer Console? I recommend testing on ADC.

Whatever changes I do, in the testing phase it is not tested; continue to test the data before the change. It is as if the test does not update on the new changes. I am testing with voice flow.

still not sure…can you put some screen shots here?also, tell us how you expect your skill talks with users, that might be help for us.